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Hayao Miyazaki Film Lovers
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July 2006
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dancingwaldo [userpic]
Hello to all!

Welcome! This is a community that I created as a way from fans of Hayao Miyazaki's work to get together and show our passion for some of his films. If you would like to become a member just let me know and I will make it possible. I would really appreciate it if you all could spread the word about this community so that we can come together and share a similar passion for these artistic films. I'm also appointing 2 friends of mine, Erin and Sophie, as moderators for this community because I am a very forgetful person. Hopefully they will help me to make this a fruitious community and knowing them, they will do a good job of it. So, join this community and share your passion in these films with others!


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Hi! I'm a massive Miyazaki fan, and i'd love to join :)

I love the Howl icon btw...)

Cool, how often are you online?
I'm looking for people who could be moderators and maintainers. If you dont want to be either thats cool too, just let me know either way.

:p I live online! I have my own comp and broadband, so i'm online a lot.

I'd be happy to help you! but i'm new to this community malarky, and still trying to workout the secrets of photoshop *glares in Adobes general direction in annoyence* However (as you can udoubtedly see from this comment) I have a love of words, and do a do of writing fan fiction, dabbles thoughts and theories etc. And i will learn how to use photoshop one day!! lol

But I'd be more than happy to help you, i just don't know how much help i'd actually be. :D

yea Ik what you mean about photoshop. I've given up with it and I just use illustrator.

Cool, I downloaded a trial version of Illustrator, and yeah it is a lot simpliar! Thanks for that tip :D

I've made a few icons (bear in mind they're by no means brilliant) shall i just go ahead and post them i don't know if you want to do the first post or not. It's cool if you do, iu'm in no hurry, just let me know :)

Go right ahead, I'm actually waiting for someone to start posting stuff. Hopefully, if I get more people to start posting then it will gain momentum.

Oh, by the way, Im glad I could help with the illustrator tip. Personally, I enjoy version CS2 and have found it to be extremely helpful.


P.S. Some of the things I would like to be posted on here include: icons, fan art, screenshots, fan fiction, and just basic discussion about the films.